World Baseball Classic Round 2, Day 2

San Juan

Another perfect weather day here in San Juan. The only rain was between games, and since the first game did not start until 3 p.m., you could get in a whole day of work or beach or sun before going to the ballpark.

Tejada_1As suggested last night, the four teams in this bracket are now each 1-1, which sets up an intriguing set of two one-game playoffs over the next two nights. The winning team in tomorrow’s game between the Dominican Republic and Venezuela and the winning team between Cuba and Puerto Rico on Thursday are on their way to San Diego on Saturday to face each other in one of the semifinal games. It also means that one team will advance from each of the Orlando and San Juan pools from Round 1. There, the Dominicans beat Veneuzuela in the first game of the round-robin and Puerto Rico beat Cuba in the last game of Round 1 in a game that did not matter since both teams were advancing. It should be two great games.

In the first game today, the Cubans started as if they were going to pick up where they left off, but they squandered a golden opportunity in the first inning. Meanwhile, the Dominicans also started slowly, going out in order the first two innings. But gradually, the Dominicans dominated both at the plate and on the mound.

The political protestors today got more innovative. First, there was a hired plane that flew around the outside of the stadium for about 15 minutes trailing an anti-Castro banner that was much more aggressive than last night’s T-shirt protest. Frankly, no one in the crowd of over 14,000 seemed to pay any attention to it. Then a row of fans behind home plate took off their shirts to expose T-shirts underneath with the same negative slogan. The security people stepped in and the event was over in a matter of moments. Interestingly, many in the largely local crowd stood up and shouted "Get out" in Spanish to the protestors.

Vzfan_1All of the capacity crowd, the noise, the thunder sticks, the music and the magic did not work for the Puerto Rican bats tonight as they were shut out by Venezuela. Carlos Zambrano looked to be in midseason form, throwing 96 mph fastballs and striking out five in his stint. Puerto Rico had its chances, particularly in the seventh inning where local favorite (actually I guess they are all local favorites) Ivan Rodriquez made the final out, leaving the tying runs at the time on base.

A response to a few of the postings:

1. Several fans have looked ahead and seen that the semifinals are the winner of each Round 2 vs. their respective runner-up, rather than cross over winner of Pool 1 vs. runner-up of Pool 2 and vice-versa. They complain that if the two best teams in the tournament come out of one flight, they should meet again only in the finals. I think the complaint is valid. We did it this way because while we believed the tournament would be a success, and that people would watch, we wanted to maximize regional interest in the semifinals for television. The popularity of the event seemingly ensured, I think the cross-over semifinals is the right way to go.

2. Umpires. A few posters have complained about U.S. umpires working U.S. games. Remember, Major Leaguers comprise the bulk of many of the Latin and Canadian rosters, so it was not just a U.S. issue. Given that over half of the total players in the event came from Major League 40-man rosters, given that we were using the Major League Rulebook, and again given that this was a first-time event, we were comfortable using the experienced U.S. umpires in that environment. In fact, the teams in the Asian pool specifically requested U.S. umpires for Round 1 in Tokyo. As we move forward with future versions of the tournament, I am sure we can incorporate more international umpires.

As an aside, while I do not know whether the call in the Japan/U.S. game last night was correct, I am absolutely certain Bob Davidson made the call he believed was correct at the time, without any regard whatsoever for the participants. Bob is a veteran Major League umpire who I am sure instinctively made the call he felt was correct. It is just unfair to question his integrity in any way.

When I was growing up in Connecticut, my father often got assigned to referee the New England High School Hockey Tournament in Providence each spring as one of the two referees assigned from Connecticut. He used to dread getting assigned a Connecticut team in a game, not because he was concerned he would be accused of favoring that team but because he was concerned that subconsciously he would not make a close call for the Connecticut team. He was always relieved when the games ended without a controversy.

3. Some press reported today that overall attendance may be "short of projections." Actually, based on presales we thought we could get close to 800,000. With over 70 percent of the games played, we will probably end up close to 750,000, the only difference being the three "day" games (i.e. non-Japan) in Round 1 in Japan, which each drew only 5,000 in the 50,000-seat Tokyo dome, well short of the promoter’s projections. The other first-round venues and second-round sales have met or exceeded our projections, which also belies the contention that fans around the world care more about the Classic than U.S. fans. Frankly, I think the only skeptics are/were the U.S. media, and many of them have come around.

See you tomorrow.



    I just want to say a couple of things. One, if you want the USA to be excited about this every 4 years then at least show all the games Live on TV and at that maybe also on local national TV so everyone can see it. The USA vs Korea game 3/13/06 wasnt even shown live on TV. Also dont shedule two games at the same time.

    Second, If the USA is going to enter this every 4 years at least form an ALL Star team instead of playing guys I have never heard of until now. Its clear that we dont have enough good starting all star type pitchers this year. And please dont have Verdon Wells leading off, are you kidding me??? If anything Johnny Damon should have been starting everygame and leading off.


    Come on Bob! Don’t tell me you don’t know if the controversial call in the US vs Japan game was correct. Do you really think Baseball fans are that stupid? It’s an insult to anyone with integrity and intelligence. You somehow missed Sports Center yesterday? All this spin doctor stuff is just sickening. Are you sure the US lost to Korea tonight?


    Just to add to my previous comments, I think we should have a vote like the ALL STAR GAME to see who will represent us instead of just taking volunteers. And take the best of the best. If a player is voted in but doesn?t want to play then go to the next guy with the most votes that does want to play.

    I mean come on, we are setting ourselves up to be embarrassed very 4 years if we don?t have a better lead off hitter than Vernon Unknown Wells. And to every USA pure American blood player that choose not to play for us shame on you “Barry Bonds”.

    I am enjoying watching the other teams play more than the USA mainly because of who is on the other teams.

    My Fav Major League team is the Atlanta Braves and I am proud of Jorge Sosa from ATL for playing for he?s country unlike the American star pitchers that pitch for ATL that aren?t playing for us “Tim Hudson”.


    I think WBC is a great tournament even though there are some controversial arguments regarding officiating and rules but the tournament is definitely creating a big hype in Asia for sure. Finally, we have a true world cup for baseball and I really hope WBC can still be held after 4 years because I never seen so many good baseball games in my life. Personally, I think Japan should move on because umpires do make hilarious calls and the organizers can learn from what happend recently and improve the rules and regulations for the next WBC. Anyway, WBC is awesome and it will be a good way to expand baseball around the world.


    Not being a baseball fan for a long time, I’ve enjoyed the tournament. I stopped watching baseball because of the prima donnas on the various teams and it being dragged out for hours on end. Not to mention the overly long season! A Japanese friend informed me of the WBC, otherwise I would not be aware of it.
    Regardless of some of the umpires calls. I enjoy the classic as baseball should be played.

    So “Thank You” for starting the classic.


    Whoever wins this year, the final round of the classic should be played in the winners home country next time. or just have it in a different country every four years. Then it will be fairy called by the umps.


    If you wanna check out all the games, your best bet will be to cough up $9.95 to see them online. And in my opinion, it is definitely worth it, cause a lot of the games aren’t on tv.

    As for WBC creating big hype in Asia, WBC really could not have come at a better time in Korea. Baseball in Korea’s been invaded by – GASP – soccer fever, no thanks to the World Cup in 2004. Geez, and you’d think people would be over the phenemona by now. And despite the recent baseball propagandas by major media networks over there, people could care less. But now thanks to WBC, this’ll really bring baseball back into popularity, not only in Korea but hopefully, all over the world, that is until the next World Cup in 2008 (yawn).


    who are these guys for team USA?

    Brian Schneider, Michael Young ,Vernon Wells ,Randy Winn ,Gary Majewski , Brian Fuentes

    Oh and Roger Clements being our “Ace” for this classic? Come on hes what 43? He’s a “has been already” I hope he doesnt have a heart attack next game.


    I watched the play in the US-Japan game where Nishioka was called out for leaving 3rd base early. I also just read an article about it just now in the IHT on-line. The impression I recevied from the IHT article is in agreement with my impression watching it on TV. Whether the runner left early or not is essentially irrelevent. The timing of the two events (catching the ball and tagging the base) was so close that it was unjustified to overrule the original call and call the runner out. The issue was not an issue of splitting fractions of a second to determine whether the runner left early by a tenth or hundredth of a second. The issue was that the runner is generally never called out in a case like that unless he has so obivously left early that anyone (even a non-professional) would be able to clearly see that he had left early. That was certainly not what happened in this case. It was a bad call and it completely changed the momentum and flow of the game. Very unfortunate.


    WBC is the best idea in baseball since you guys allowed coloured people in the Majors. You all, deserve the success I think it has been, the big crowds, big ratings, and most important, thrilling games. Of course there are some improvements needed to be done for the 2009 edition, but you’re right on track, so keep up the good job! Except for the Bob Davidson call, I do understand appreciation calls can be tricky, and I don’t blame the umpire, but you know it was a bad call, not necessarily biased, but at least accept the runner was safe.

    For all the posters who are complaining about Team USA, the lack of stars and prime tv coverage. Come on guys! Since the beginning all the tv coverage was thinking that USA would be pool B’s top seeded, so if they weren’t and because of that you want the whole ESPN re-arrange the whole tv schedule just for you, be realistic. About the lack of stars, you seem to be the only ones complaining. Nomar Garciaparra wasn’t allowed to play for Mexico by the owner of his team. Vlad Guerrero had a family tragedy which took him out of the WBC, Hideki Matsui isn’t playing for Japan, and the list goes on. So if you want to blame someone blame the owners of the major league’s franchises who don’t allow their players to play in an event as important as this because they understimate it compared to “their” season, or blame the players who stay out of the WBC for any reason, money being the main one if you ask me.


    Doesnt matter because they probably would not play anyway. But lets see Tim Hudson comes to mind, Kery Wood, Kevin Melwood, Chris Carpenter, R. Oswalt, J. Garland, M. Mulder. to name a few


    I like watching the WBC games cause players seem to be playing for the love of the game and pride versus for monetary gains with steroid use. You won’t see a situation where a player signs a lucrative monetary contract and be a dud or prima donna in this tournament, at least not yet.


    International umpire crews, better TV scheduling, and different venues/countries. Also, I would rather go with a cup every two years. Baseball do not have the pull of the soccer world cup with all the qualifying and regional tournaments, so it would be better if the WBC was held every two years.


    Dont get me wrong, I like the WBC, but I would like to see the USA win. But with only 9 “all stars” and 20 “average joes”, making up the roster we should have been a number 5 or 6 seed entering.


    We are in the central time zone and have every TV baseball package known to man. We have been able to see just about half of ONE of the USA games. What is that about? If you want fans to support the WBC, it needs to be on TV. Even MLB.TV –despite the pre-purchase promise of being able to see these games for “free” will not let us see it.


    Mr.DuPuy – I’ve watched every game of the WBC available to me on TV. After a lifetime of watching American baseball, I have learned a lot from the other teams represented here. Baseball is a team sport but in America it has morphed into a sport played by individual CEO’s with individual needs and agendas, whereas the other teams are playing as a unit. The USA team has also suffered from ineffective management – the manager either didn’t read the rules or explain them to the team. He seems bewildered.
    Derek Jeter – the smartest man in American baseball – is taking this event very seriously, but many of his teammates are not. As usual, Derek is prepared to play and executing his plans. So is Roger Clemens who put on a pitching clinic in his one appearance.

    Perhaps next time around, the USA team will be better prepared.

    Thank you again for your part in bringing the WBC to fruition.


    Wow. For a COO and president of an organization to address a complaint by saying “while I do not know…I am absolutely certain”

    This is exactly what’s wrong with corporate America.


    Why every 4 years? Does the MLB association think this brand new tournament will automatically rocket in popularity in par with the football world cup and the olympics? I mean, I prefer watching live baseball to any other sport by a long way, but the WBC aint the olympics(for world wide popularity). Not just how popular they are, but the scale of them. How many countries in the WBC?16, as supposed to dozens. And the amount of games/events. Make it every 2 years please!
    Thank god the US goverment took the finger out and let Cuba play, how dull would this be with out them in it. We can only hope a lot more countries decide to play in the next WBC.

    As for the ridiculous and unfiar propaganda against a visiting country(Cuba), I think its shocking making the young cuban players feel like that. These players should be given the same respect as other teams are given. They have they’re commondant and politcal views, and if you ask me, the US has a lot worse in their very own muppet/puppet/idiot daddy’s boy Bush. Atleast they keep their’s on the island! You don’t see them running arount the world trying to steal everyone’s f***ing oil!

    All in all, more live baseball is good, no matter what.


    I fully support the two-year idea. This event is a real success. A better time of the year should be chosen though. Maybe a little bit earlier than the spring training? Like mid-Febrary? I think it will be best if USA does not win this thing (very likely to happen as for now) so that next time they can use this event as a stimulant to put in players that are both competant and willing to serve for his country.

    Imagine if this game is held in Korea or Japan… Or maybe a Latin American country like Mexico… That will surely have a soccer world cup flavor.

  20. pochtecatl@cox.nt

    Bob, you have to run this like FIFA and the national soccer federations. Let’s have a national manager with the power to call whichever players he thinks are the best for the national team and screw the owner’s petty little team interests. This is national pride we are talking about here. I bet you Martinez doesn’t even have scouting reports of the other teams, thinking all along that he would get to the finals where there would be enough known mayor leaguers in the other team that it they would not even matter because he knows them already.

    Anyhow, congratulations for the event. And also, we want you to encourage team cheering with drums, trumpets, giant flags, etc. like regular soccer “hinchas”. It makes the game so much exciting.


    As for the time for the next WBC, I think the most convinient time might be the All-star break… It might have to sacrifice the summer classic but maybe not. Maybe the summer classic can be played as part of the WBC, either before the opener or after the final.

    Before spring training might be another good idea. Players not ready? Latino players will be ready anyway. Asian teams will use their national pride to assemble a team ready for that. The only thing is whether USA will have enough patriotic players who wish to sacrifice some winter vacation to train as a team during the winter, and get ready before the tournament starts. I believe there will be enough of them.


    Seriously… the call during the game JAPAN vs USA… that was just WRONG. It just made team USA look bad. I’m not a big fan of JAPAN but if you’re a baseball fan, I know you’ll agree with me. Other than this call I think WBC has been great! I hope our team, KOREA, wins it all!!!


    Japan was simply robbed. I am not a Japanese fan but since the groups were arranged it was obvious that the US had been favored. Sure let the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Venezuela and Cuba eliminate each other and clear the way for the US. The gun backfired because nobody expected the Koreans to be this good. We though the only opposition would come from Japan and we took care of that with a plain and simple BAD CALL. If Clemens does not come to the rescue against Mexico we could have a bigger embarrasment than the one endure by the Dream Team in the last Olympics (basketball).
    Buck Martinez please save us from disgrace and start Clemens.


    The WORLD baseball classic can’t revolve around US scheduling. Theres 16 (hopefully more) other countries with they’re own seasons, All-Star breaks etc to consider.
    Saying this though, without a doubt team USA needs to be treated like a child as it acts like one. “humph too cold, too late, too much, too busy, give me more money, give me more time” Why not play for your country, not for yourself! These spoilt major leaguers(not just US) need to take a leaf out of the other teams books…no doubt they wouldnt settle for less than a gold leaf.

    I wonder if this would be their chosen profession if they played for pride and not money?…i bet they’d be the first to defect from their homeland


    A few points to consider based on some of these comments:

    New08 mentioned some players who he thinks should have been playing for Team USA. Well, Mark Mulder was on the provisional roster for the Netherlands. He probably wanted to play, but did not believe that he could play for Team USA. The same could be said for Mike Piazza and Frank Menechino for Team Italia, Nomar for Team México (although he did not end up going). In a similar situation, a good friend of mine who was born in the United States played for Greece in women’s soccer at the Olympics. Of course, in the end, Mulder decided not to go to the tournament after all, so that’s his loss, I guess.

    If the goal of Mr. DuPuy and the rest of the MLB brain trust is to emulate World Cup and use that tournament as the model of the World Baseball Classic, then they need to hold the WBC at the same time period as World Cup: after the season. The tournament could run from mid-November until early December, and at that time, the weather is about the same as it is in March. Still, weather is not much of an issue, as nobody is expecting to play games in cold-weather areas. Also, teams would not be as concerned with losing players, because at that point, the players are on their own time.

    It seems to me that the purpose of the WBC is twofold: to demonstrate to the IOC that baseball did not deserve its elimination from the summer programme of the Olympics, and to promote baseball as a truly global game. Unfortunately, in the eyes of the IOC and other international sporting organisations, mostly headquartered in Europe, baseball is not a game enjoyed in all parts of the world. To an extent, they have a point. The WBC has 16 entrants (World Cup has 32), and as the first round made painfully clear, that is about as many high-calibre teams this tournament can support. As baseball is the historic American pastime, its scope is limited to nations where the United States has had considerable influence, whether it be politically, economically, or whatever. This explains the presence of strong teams in Latin America (Monroe Doctrine, Roosevelt Corollary, etc.) and the Far East (top Major League stars served in military during World War II and Korean War). Nonetheless, baseball is not entirely pervasive in Latin America: the major power in the economies of the Southern Cone was Britain, so football…er, soccer became the predominant game.

    Mr. DuPuy, if you and your colleagues are serious about devoloping baseball as a global game and using the WBC as a demonstration to the IOC that baseball is worthy of inclusion in the Olympics, then you need to develop and promote the game in Europe and deeper into South America, especially in Europe. Like it or not, when the IOC talks about “world” games, it means “European” games. It is a bit of a double-edged sword, because the European nations like to use world bodies as a place for them to exert influence over world affairs, but the IOC, for one, relies heavily on its TV deal with NBC for a good chunk of its revenue. The participation of Italy and the Netherlands is a good start; Britain would be a good place to go next, as they have more of a sympathy towards this hemisphere as they do towards the Continent. Increased participation would allow for either a larger tournament or qualifying tournaments leading up to the WBC, similar to the situation with World Cup. At that point, the IOC can recognise the global nature of baseball and bring it back into the fold, regardless of the participation of Major Leaguers.

    This has been a superb tournament; I hope that future tournaments can improve upon this one.


    I was a big skeptic of the WBC. I am 100% Pro-WBC now. The intenisty level is evident in the players. The atmosphere, especially in San Juan, appears to be great albeit not nearly at the fun level of The Caribbean World Series. (you gotta check out those games for some real, un-Selig created, national pride with a long tradition)…I agree that the next classic should be on Latin American soil and mixing in a few more non-Yank umps would look good.
    The timing of the WBC is difficult but there is not an ideal time. I don’t think the all-star break works because no GM will allow his “ace” to toss any extra innings right before Aug & Sept. Post World Series also doesn’t work because the majority of players would be a month removed from season’s end. Early March is fine…I too was shocked at how many USA players I had NEVER heard of, but we can’t force our MLB Babies to participate.

    I’m just enjoying the quality of baseball and this beats the heck out of watching Cactus League games.


    Bad calls happen! Maybe not that bad, but they do happen. C’mon guys, you don’t here Japan whining when there beloved Yankees get calls like that almost everygame. Now they no how the rest of us feel when our teams play the Yankees. As for people who don’t know these guys on the US team, you don’t watch baseball! You talk about prima Donna’s, but that is the only players you know. For example, Micheal Young is hands down the 2nd best middle infielder in the majors. He is most deffinately the best hitter.

    This has been fun to watch, but the US is not the only team with prima’s. The Puerto Rico team whinned last night after every called strike, the whole game. I’ve never seen anything like it. I don’t mean to pick on them, because almost everyteam has been doing that.

    This is baseball, and baseball is the American sport. If everyone wants to play for the championship, then why is it so hard for them to play by the rules. Don’t change this game that everyone in the world loves. They fell in love with the game the way we play it. Let’s just play ball.

    Now then, that’s enough said. I’m going to sit back and watch some more good baseball. This is great, and if you guys thought that we would just walk through this, you probably never played. There are more baseball players working as laborers than you can possibly imagine. I could pick out enough guys that I know to practice for a month and beat almost any team out there. Well at least in the minors.

    Keep up the good work, and I personally would like to see it every year. It’s great!


    I have seen every team play by the rules. I dont know what okie11 is referring to. And I will whine when a call is called against my team, be it the Cubs or San Juan or Puerto Rico. And a bad one was called last night at third base in the sixth inning. We will never know what would have happenned but Puerto Rico lost as it is. Probably made a lot of people happy to listen to the ESPN commentators. And to listen to them about the 150 degree weather we had here when it was 82 degrees with a cool breeze. A thermometer stuck in the ground at 12 noon does not a true story tell. I am so glad they changed their tune. Not only that. Yesterday they actually said that baseball games were too long. That games used to last 2 and 1/2 hours in the past and that now they lasted 4. Ever since I fell in love with baseball 43 years ago they have lasted an average of 3 hours except the year the Cubs were all swinging for the fence and games lasted 2 1/2. Swish, swish, swish went the Cubs. Hey, if you cant take three hours of baseball dont be in the booth. I would love to take your place. Gimme 4, 5, 6 hours baseball and I’ll be a happy camper. And just for the record, I’m all female.


    I’d like to thank Bob for addressing the umpires issue which I think I raised first here. I’d like to reiterate that I think the umpire called it how he saw it – it just happened to be wrong. The problem was not with the reality but with the perception. While US umpires are involved in US games that will always be the case – and the point about umpires often over-compensating against being a ‘homer’ was absolutely correct (my brother is an ex-referee of association football so I know!). That fact INCREASES the need for neutral officials – it just proves my point wasn’t anti-US (as a fan of baseball and the blues – the 2 greatest US contributions to world culture) I couldn’t very well be that.

    US umpires are superb for all other fixtures – you only need one crew of non-US officials. Caesar’s wife must not only be pure but be SEEN to be pure.

    Love the fact this blog is drawing ever more comments – just another sign of the success of the WBC. Once again thanks to Bob and all responsible for all the fun and excitement you have given to so many baseball fans worldwide. If anyone is negative about the tournament then its their loss and it seems a negativity restricted to elements in the US. Curious – its your game, celebrate it!


    Another problem is the MESS with the TV schedule. One week ago was scheduled as “Syndication”, which is fine. Yesterday night the Mexico-Japan was scheduled in ESPN2 at 7:00, which was fine. Today you have decided to kill it putting it on Deportes which is not available in my area. THAT *****!


    As I think others have stated, the FIFA World Cup MUST be the benchmark for the WBC. Interestingly, the first World Cup in 1930 suffered from a lot of similar problems – apathy, sketicism, many athletes (read: most European nations) skipping the tournament. I think the WBC has started strong and can really become a World Cup for baseball fans if it learns from FIFA.
    Thus – and this idea was broached today on by Jayson Stark – there should be play-in regional tournaments, at least for the weaker teams. This is the best way of ensuring that the game is promoted in countries where baseball isn’t professionally played like South Africa, Greece, etc. can gradually develop players and support systems for baseball. The current format allows countries where SOME professional baseball is played to participate, but doesn’t do anything to promote baseball in frontier countries, like Greece.

    Whenever the tournament is held – and I’m not sure whether March or November is best, or sprawled throughout the schedule as Jayston Stark mentions – add some carnival atmosphere a la FIFA World Cup: team pins, exchanges of hats, a concert before the finals (perhaps involving musical groups from the teams in the finals). Having pre-semifinals rounds in several countries and rotating the location will also help, and ensuring that umpires DO NOT PARTICIPATE IN GAMES IN WHICH THEIR HOST COUNTRY IS PLAYING is a must, because people will always accuse them of playing favorites and controversial decisions are bound to come up.

    In summary, great start, it’s been fun so far, study the FIFA World Cup so that this becomes one of sport’s premier extravaganzas and grows baseball not only in countries like China and Italy, but encourages it to spread to new lands through a series of regional qualifying tournaments held well ahead of the “finals”. Cheers –


    Every umpire makes a mistake so that is something we should take in consideration. (unless u want to stop the game and go into re-play) is called human error and is part of the game. I have allways been a big fan of this tournament ever since the idea of it came up a few years back and I would like to congratulate the league for getting it done. For those players that did not participate like Manny, Pedro etc.. Let’s see you take that Dominican flag to the all-Star game this year. they not only let those in the tournament down but you also slaped a country that loves them in the face. I think the game is great and should continue to grow. Teams like Canada will come back in 4 years and do much better because they proved that they could beat a team like the U.S. A Game like Mexico vs. Korea sold out Anaheim stadium like it was the World series I can only wait to see the crowd result of the U.S. vs Mexico game, the only problem I have is that you played games in stadiums like Disney when you could have played in Tampa a Major league stadium a couple of hours away. Also games should be played at night for the same reason that Major league games are played at night. Less people work or attend school and therefore can attend the Ballgame. Instead of playing a day game and a night game in anaheim u can play two night games one in Anaheim and one in Dodger stadium. The best way to make this thing grow and by making countries want to come play so we must find a reason to make them want to play. MLB players come to the U.S. to play ball because of the money. (Hint) I bet Pedro and Manny would have played if someone said everyplayer in the Winning team gets a 500k bonus.


    Mr DuPuy, with all respect, by bring up your father’s story in comparison to miss judge by Bob Davidson, I believe you have just disgraced your father. Bob Davidson just wanted to show his presence. ‘ITS MY CALL’ WOW!! Overruled the original call with out even discussing the play itself with the original umpire who made the safe call. Believe me, I know how your father felt, because I have to umpire ball games as a volunteer because my son plays little league baseball. If I have a choice, I would never want to umpire any games, but without umpires, games can never be played. It is understandable if an armature umpire like me makes bad calls, but I thought MLB is the top league in baseball, and of course the umpires of the MLB is suppose to be the best of the best. Bob Davidson has over 10 years experience in MLB and was the MLB umpire until 1999, isn’t he suppose to be one of the best umpires in the world? I’m curious, if Bob Davidson made the same call of the game 7 of a World Series, would you still say the same?


    That reminds me the third-strike-that-did-not-hit-the-ground-but-maybe-it-did fiasco last ALCS game one. At least that homeplate umpire was not a Chicago native.


    I have two points to make:
    Firstly, I wonder what on earth the fact that Asian teams asked for MLB umpires in the round 1 can justify American umpires working for the US games. Pool A of round 1 does not include the US so that there was no potential “conflict of interest” at all.

    Secondly, your “claim” that games are available live at is totally baseless. They’re *blacked out* in the US, Japan, Korea, and seveeral other countries where they would be most popular. I paid about 10 bucks expecting to be able to watch it on live at my computer missing the small letters. Ok. That’s my fault. However, I haven’t been able to watch none of archived games so far. For instance, Korea vs US game was over more than 24 hours ago, but whenever I tried to watch it on my computer, I was told that I was blacked out. What’s going on here??

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